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Objects of Interest and Desire

Individual Antique and Collectable Items Available in Cranleigh, Surrey

Peruse our vintage items and antique books when you visit our shop in Cranleigh, Surrey. At our company, we specialise in antique and collectable items, and we have a selection of products to choose from. Also, when you cannot find a piece that you have been searching for, our team may be able to source is for you!

Our Products

Our aim at K.D Collectables is to provide a selection of antique and collectable items at affordable prices. We sell an assortment of products including, China, glass, vintage pieces, and much more! Also, if you cannot find anything to suit your taste and preferences, please notify a member of our team as we may be able to find the product for you.

Delivery Service

To ensure that we meet your expectations, and for convenience, we offer a delivery service. Please get in touch for more information about the areas we deliver to.

Selling an Item

When selling an item with us, a member of our team researches the item, and then we provide a price to purchase the item off you. Our team ensures that this is hassle-free and an uncomplicated process for you. Plus, as we aim to cater to your needs, we travel to you when you have a large item to sell, or when you have many items that you would like our expert team to inspect. Furthermore, if you prefer to transport your items to us that is fine too.